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In the last few years, Croatian basketball has received real club support – KK DINAMO ZAGREB

Since the club was founded, it has continued growing. KK Dinamo is continuously increasing and unhindered from the first league to the Krešimir Čosić Cup semi-finals and the Croatian championship quarter-finals. The summer for the Blues is quite intense, and many good things are being done. Some collaborations have been agreed, and everything is going in the right direction.

Although they were left without a coach and are still negotiating who will lead the team next season, Dinamo has agreed on cooperation. First, the partnership was agreed with Ivan Tvtrko Majić, who will surely be a reinforcement in defense. On the Premier League courts, he is known for being a very dedicated player, and he can also do the “dirty” work for the team, and as such, he will be an excellent reinforcement for the whole team.

Of course, friendly matches have also been arranged for the team to prepare as well as possible for the new season. Dinamo will play friendly matches against Italian and Greek club at the beginning of September. First, they will visit Italy, where on September 4th, they will play a game against the four-time champion of Italy – Uman Reyer Venezia. Four days later, the Greek giant and six-time European champion – Panathinaikos from Athens – arrives in Zagreb.

It should be mentioned that Dinamo agreed with Umana Reyer on more than a friendly match. They agreed on cooperation regarding knowledge exchange and additional education between the coaches of both clubs. The cooperation aims to develop and nurture talents that Dinamo and Umana Reyer will follow. This cooperation will positively affect basketball Dinamo, which has grand ambitions and will contribute to the club’s development in every sense.

The coach of Uman Reyer from Venice is Neven Spahija, vice president of KK Dinamo. Umana Reyer finished fourth in the Italian championship last season. They played in the Eurocup, where they will also play next season. In the last few years, they have been recording great results. They won two Italian championships, the national cup, and the Fiba Eurocup.

As for the Greek basketball giant, Panathinaikos was not chosen by chance. The friendship between the fans of these two clubs is well-known, and they could make a great show in the Dražen Petrović Hall. It should be mentioned that the Greek club brought in a new coach, and with him, they also brought top players with whom they plan to attack the European throne again. Panathinaikos will return to Zagreb after more than seven years.

To avoid leaving everything on friendly matches, another good news arrived from KK Dinamo. Dinamo will play in the Alpe Adria Cup, where 16 teams from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia participate. The teams are divided into four groups, so it is guaranteed that Dinamo will play at least six international matches, three at home and three away.

All in one, an intense summer, with even crazier preparations and, let’s hope, excellent basketball in the new competitive season.

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