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The national basketball team has announced their opponents in the EuroBasket 2025 qualifiers

The Croatian national basketball team will play in Group E. In addition to Croatia, the group includes Cyprus, France, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The qualifications will be played in three rounds. The first round is from February 19 to February 27, 2024. The second round is from November 18 to November 26, 2024. And the last round is from February 17 to February 25, 2025. years. Each team will play two games in each round.

Thirty-two national teams, including the co-hosts of the European Championship, will participate in the qualifications for EuroBasket 2025. The co-hosts are Cyprus, Finland, Latvia and Poland. The competition system is based on the “home and away” system. The three best-placed teams from each group go to EuroBasket 2025. The host and the other two best-placed teams will win the European Championship in groups that include hosts.

Qualification groups for EuroBasket 2025:
GROUP A: Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel, Portugal
GROUP B: Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Iceland
GROUP C: Spain, Latvia, Belgium, Slovakia
GROUP D: Germany, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Sweden
GROUP E: Croatia, France, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina
GROUP F: Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Great Britain
GROUP G: Serbia, Finland, Georgia, Denmark
GROUP H: Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, North Macedonia.

Good luck!

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