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Croatian volleyball players lost their third-round match at Eurovolley

While Croatia‘s young forces are experiencing a renaissance and less success, the women’s senior team has lower results. It is still understandable that they were relegated from the Nations League and lost at the Challenger Cup. It is incredible that they also lost against neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have to wait a few more years for new girls to arrive. Or should foreign women come again? Maybe Russian women again because their national team is under suspension due to the government of that same country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina won 3:2 (19:25, 25:18, 20:25, 26:24, 15:6), and Croatia remained in last place in the group played in Monza, Italy. Croatia still needs to play matches against Italy and Switzerland. They have nothing to look for against Italy, but there is still hope they will look for a miracle. It could help them against Italy, although there is little or no chance of that.

Croatia started the first set phenomenally, so they won it. After that, the neighbors take the set with 25:18 and thus level the match. The third set went to Croatia, and the fourth to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This leads to the fifth set. The neighbors did better and won the set with 15:6, ultimately winning this match.

Croatia, like the first two games, had ups and downs in concentration in their game. The national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina had incredible dominance in the block, with as many as 20 points to Croatia’s 6 points. More than three times more than Croatian women. What isn’t defense the best offense? Why don’t you win games with defense?

Božana Butigan had 15 points, Andrea Mihaljevič 14, Martina Šamadan 13, and Lucija Mlinar 12 points. In the next game, Croatia will play against Switzerland.

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