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Another round of this HNL season was played, and the first point was won by Rudeš

VARAŽDIN – HAJDUK 1:2 (Belcar 36’/Krovinović 29′, Dajaku 86′)
VARAŽDIN: Zelenika – Vukčević, Jelenić, Pellumbi, Boršić (Bručić 63′) – Postonjski (Elezi 63′), Pilj (Lusavec 82′), Belcar (Vukušić 68′) – Mitrovski (Kolarić 82′), Brodić, Šego
HAJDUK: Lučić – Moufi (Mikanović 59′), Šarlija, Diallo, Melnjak – Sigur, Krovinović – Dolček (Kalik 85′), Benrahou (Odjidja Ofoe 65′), Sahiti (Dajaku 65′) – Livaja

Hajduk continues its winning streak. Out of the five games played, they won all the games. For now, they are alone at the top of the championship table, but the question is until when. For now, this kind of game is going well and they are winning games.

This was not a good match that Hajduk played. Because when the substitutes decide the game and when they keep you alive, then you have to know that you have to work on it. The game was attractive, with a few more opportunities for Hajduk, but it just didn’t work out until the 29th minute. Then Krovniović scored. Seven minutes later, Varaždin equalized through Belcar. Only near the end of the match, Hajduk scored to win.

This is a barren game by Hajduk. You have to have a unique game and a wide bench. For now, Hajduk only has the luck that disappeared in the European matches against the Greek PAOK. It is necessary to do something more in friendly deadlines and during preparations. The league is not just one club.

ISTRIA 1961 – RUDEŠ 0:0
: Majkić – Kadušić (Matheus 62′), Marešić, Majstorović, Devetak – Hujber, Petrusenko (Blagojević 88′), Ćalušić (Mlinar 45′) – Lisica (Josipović 80′), Erceg, Vuk (Čuić 62′)
RUDEŠ: Kralj – Campos, Matić, Tomečak – Rešetar, Mašala (Srbljinović 73′), Pasariček, Vukmanović (Petković 73′) – Lazarov (Bašić 80′), Ljubanović (Plazonja 84′), Latković (Stipić 84′)

After four years, Rudeš played at the Aldo Drosina Stadium in Pula. In the first five games, Rudeš was without a win or points, so they arrived in Pula to win their first points. Led by Robert Prosinečki, they won their first point this season. On the other hand, Davido Catala made his debut at the Istrian club.

Istra opened the match better. She started to attack and was trying to score for the lead. But it didn’t work. However, Rudeš catches the rhythm and starts to keep the ball in his feet. With this, they dictated the game and started to create scoring opportunities. As with Istria, it simply did not work out. It was hot and cold on both sides. Chances and opportunities rotated on both sides.

Istria seemed to need to pick up the pace, and Rudeš was compact in all phases of the game. The hosts seemed to be in spasm, and the introduction of a faster player seemed to be too late and in the end, there was not much chance to create something more. Rudeš played fighting but within the limits of his abilities. But Istria could have done much better.

GORICA – SLAVEN BELUPO 2:2 (Ndockyt 45’+4′, 52’/Hoxha 50′, Mioč 55′)
GORICA: Banić – Raspopović, Maloča, Krizmanić, Štiglec – Munksgaard (Majstorović 46′), Pršir (Soldo 77′) – Mrzljak (Jurić 86′), Ndockyt, Mitrović (Kapulica 82′) – Vujnović
SLAVEN BELUPO: Sušak – Bosec, Račić, Štefulj, Hlevnjak – Međimorec (Boras 80′), Agbekpornu (Marina 71′) – Crnac, Mioč, Hoxha – Ortiz (Šakota 23′)

This was a stormy week for Gorica. They were left without the coach who saved them last season, and on Friday they played 2:2 with Slaven Belupo. Slaven Belupo has played all the games this season, and Gorica has one game less. Both clubs have six points each.

The lineups of both clubs have changed a bit, especially with Slaven Belup, who conceded 15 goals in five games this season. That’s too much even for Slaven Belupo. It didn’t start well for the team from Koprivnica because Andres Ortiz was injured in the 19th minute. Ortiz fell down and the ambulance had to take him to the hospital.

There were no goals until stoppage time in the first half when Ndockyt scored. At the beginning of the second half, Hoxha scores a goal to equalize the score. It was five minutes of superb play for the spectators. After the equalizer in the 50th minute, two minutes later the same player from Gorica scored a goal for the home team. Three minutes later, Mioč scores for a new tie and, ultimately, the final result.

LOKOMOTIVA – OSIJEK 2:2 (Bubanja 62′, Kulenović 90’+6’/Caktaš 31′, Jugović 90’+3′)
LOCOMOTIVA: Čavlina – Vranjković, Mersinaj, Kalaica, Milićević (Leovac 90′) – Bubanja, Marić – Kanižaj (Tuci 46′), Smakaj (Šotiček 46′), Goričan (Bulatović 61′) – Kulenović
OSIJEK: Malenica – Gržan (Guedes 78′), Bralić, Mkrtčjan, Drambajev – Brlek, Nejašmić – Bukvić (Pušić 74′), Caktaš (Omerović 74′), Lovrić (Jugović 84′) – Mierez

Lokomotiva and Osijek played a match in the sixth round of the HNL in Kranjčevićeva Street. The returnee to the team from Kajzerica is Sandro Kulenović, who made a big comeback. Osijek scored and gave Lokomotiv a point. Osijek has not lost in the championship this year, but the game is not at a level that can keep it in the fight for first place.

Caktaš scored in the 31st minute to give Osijek the lead, and Bubanja equalized the score in the 62nd minute of the match. But we come to the referee compensation of the second half. First, Jugović scored to give the guests the lead, and then Kulenović scored to equalize three minutes later. It is a new point for Lokomotiva.

This performance was bad for Osijek. If the Slavonians want to be in the fight for the top of the championship, they must be concentrated. Conceding goals in the last minutes, leading by two goals, and losing the lead and similar things that happen to Osijek, a serious club must not allow that. Osijek used to live dangerously, but that should change.

DINAMO – RIJEKA 2:1 (Bulat 37′, Petković 84’/Pašalić 90′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Moharrami, Ristovski, Perić (B. Šutalo 46′), Ljubičić – Bulat (Mihajličenko 72′), Mišić – Špikić (Menalo 72′), Baturina, Marin (Emreli 61′) – Petković
RIJEKA: Labrović – Veiga (Smolčić 23′), Galesić, Mitrović, Goda (Djouahra 58’/Grgić 80′) – Selahi, Hodža – Pašalić, Janković (Vukčević 46′), Fruk – Ivanović (Obregon 58′)

Although he already presented the new black jerseys, he immediately played in them. On the wings of the playful Bruno Petković, Dinamo beat Rijeka 2:1. Dinamo dominated throughout the match, registering their second win in four games.

Dinamo showed their game, held the ball the entire time, and they had many more chances than the opponent. In the 37th minute, Petković assisted Bulat for the lead. The problem with Dinamo is not creating opportunities and creating chances, the problem is realization. Petković scored in the 84th minute from a penalty kick, and in the 90th minute, Pašalić reduced the score. For Rijeka, this is an excellent result considering the game shown.

Dinamo played violently and was full of desire and energy. Dinamo immediately put pressure on Rijeka, and Rijeka kept coming to the opponent’s goal. Dinamo opened up their game in all directions, they did not complicate and waste time by passing wide, and they had precise long balls. Such a game bore fruit, but the implementation must be much better and of higher quality.

Bruno Petković was the player of the match, and for Dinamo, he was the absolute hero of the match. For now, everything revolves around Petković, although they should have some other players for big things. Martin Baturina started the season well, but it seemed as if he suddenly stopped. This year’s foreign reinforcements must wake up and return from their summer vacation. Stojković and Kačavedna have just arrived at the club, so they need to be given one more match to adapt.

Sergej Jakirović is one of the better reinforcements for Dinamo. He worked with the limited Rijeka team the last half-season, and now he has a much better team. Both of them have return matches in European competitions this week.

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