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Dinamo won in the first appearance in the Conference League

DINAMO – ASTANA 5:1 (Petković 43′-11m, 53′-11m, Bulat 58′, Marin 85′, Halilović 90’+3’/Hovhanisjan 78′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Moharrami, Šutalo, Perić, Ljubičić (Mihajličenko 82′) – Mišić, Bulat (Halilović 65′) – Emreli (Menalo 65′), Baturina, Vidović (Marin 73′) – Petković (Kulenović 73′)

ASTANA: Čondrić – Bejsebekov (Harojan 45′), Harojan, Amanović – Hovhanisjan, Lončar (Kuat 62′), Ebong, Ourega (Jovančić 85′), Vorogovskij (Dosmagambetov 62′) – Tomasov, Darboe (Ajimbetov 85′)

Dinamo played its first game in the Conference League. Dinamo successfully passed the first step at the opening of another season in European adventures. Coach Sergej Jakirović’s team defeated the Asian team from Kazakhstan.

As the match started, the audience, especially those from the northern stand, were looking for victory. In the end, they won. Because a “firecracker” was thrown among the Astana players.

Dinamo entered the match strongly. Already in the first minutes, they had a good chance and could have taken the lead in the early stages of the game. Dinamo pressed Astana, and the visitors took a brave guard and resisted the host’s attacks.

Dinamo had possession of the ball, but lack of ideas could have paid off in the 20th minute. Marin Tomasov had the opportunity to score for the visitors’ lead. But he was unsuccessful. Tomasov never scored against Dinamo, and he played against them a total of 22 times.

Robert Ljubičić and Gabriel Vidović were the main axis on the left side of Dinamo. In the 37th minute, Vidović created one of the more likely chances of the match. But unsuccessfully. However, Darboe’s recklessness and his stepping on Ljubičić inside the penalty area led to a penalty kick. Bruno Petković was successful in the implementation.

In the second half, it continued in the same tone. The guests had the first chance, but in the 53rd minute, Emreli won another penalty kick. And the performer was again Bruno Petković. Of course, he was accurate this time as well, even though the visiting goalkeeper hit the side. After this, the guests from Asia signed the capitulation.

Soon after the realized penalty kick, Dinamo got a chance to score from a free kick. The ball was set up by Bulat, and with his precision he increased the lead to 3:0. The visitors managed to reduce the score in the 78th minute. But Marin and Halilović, at the end of the game, made sure that the visitors did not return to the game.

How good is Dinamo? How organized are they? The time will show. In the Conference League, they can go far and have a smooth path to creating a personal coefficient, as well as a national one. The transfer window was turbulent, but somehow everything fell into place. As the championship progresses, it will rise at all levels. And as for the European competitions, the further they go, the better.

If we let our imagination run wild, then we can also hope to win the Conference League. But that’s another story that entails other things.

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