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Another round of HNL was played. Dinamo and Hajduk lost their games, Rijeka drew with Istra 1961


RUDEŠ: Marković – Matić, Pavlović, Pavlek – Tomečak, Srbljinović, Latković (Bašić 67′), Vukmanović (Pasariček 58′) – Špeljak, Topić (Rešetar 80′), Petković (Pešić 58′)
SLAVEN BELUPO: Sušak – Bosec, Boras, Božić, Štefulj – Lepinjica, Agbekpornu – Šakota (Kamberi 62′), Mioč (Cascini 78′), Hoxha – Štrkalj (Nongoh 84′).

It was an excellent match for Croatian conditions, and Rudeš won his second point. Slaven Belupo is the third game in a positive streak. The guests showed much more than the hosts, so this result without a winner and goals is a little surprising. Of all the opportunities, they should have realized at least one chance.

However, this is not surprising because the goalkeeper of the home team was on task and is most deserving of the new point for Rudeš. Matej Marković had excellent reflexes in this game, and he especially stood out with three great saves. Considering what has been seen, the luckiest can be the meeting hosts.

The beginning of the match was kind of boring, but as the game progressed, opportunities began to appear. Of course, Slaven Belupo started creating opportunities. But without any success. From the 20th minute, the guests created three great opportunities. But the home goalkeeper seemed to be building a wall because the ball did not go into the net.

At the beginning of the second half, the guests started to press, which meant that the game went in the same direction. However, Rudeš quickly established the game. Although Rudeš was somehow closing the game, the guests created the first real chance. Slaven Belupo establishes the initiative but without real opportunities. Slaven Belupo has a big game in Koprivnica next Friday, and Hajduk, which is in an obvious crisis, will be visiting them.

: Zelenika – Vukčević, Nekić, Pëllumbi, Boršić (from 84. Bručić) – Pilj (from 71. Marina), Postonjski – Mitrovski, Elezi (from 78. Šego), Belcar (from 46. Domjanić) – Drožđek (from 84 Banovec)
LOKOMOTIVA: Čavlina – Bartolec (from 89. Kanižaj), Živković, Mersinaj, Leovac (from 77. Milićević) – Bubanja, Marić – Goričan (from 89. Kalaica), Krivak (from 72. Fetai), Šotiček – Tuci

Another game ended without goals. The match was played in gloomy weather, and it was visible in the match. Varaždin remained one point ahead of Lokomotive, and Silvijo Čabraja is still without a win over today’s hosts.

Varaždin started well, but even Lokomotiva was not without opportunities. The match was full of opportunities, but there was no realization. HNL seems to have had a bad day considering the results they are getting. At least according to this round of HNL.

GORICA – DINAMO 2:1 (Vujnović 70′, Jurić 90’+2’/Ademi 63′)
GORICA: Banić – Raspopović (Munksgaard 46′), Maloča, Krizmanić, Štiglec – Pršir (Vujnović 69′), Mrzljak – Ndockyt, Blummel (Soldo 46), Mitrović (Leš 88′) – Matavž (Jurić 69′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Ristovski, Bernauer (Moharrami 46′), Perić, Ljubičić – Mišić, Ademi (Kulenović 80+) – Baturina, Bulat (Marin 83′), Vidović (Špikić 46′) – Drmić (Emreli 64′)

Just when they had the chance to spoil the plans of Rijeka and Hajduk, a cold shower arrived for Dinamo. And Ante Matej Jurić seems to adore the leading clubs because he defeated Hajduk and then Dinamo in the last minutes. Dinamo took the lead, and then Gorica turned it around.

Gorica had the right to dream of winning against Dinamo. Dinamo started aggressively, and the home goalkeeper was on task. Dinamo pressed, had possession, but could not score. Therefore, we went to the break without scoring any goals.

The second half was marked by Dinamo’s pressing, but the result did not change. The result did not change until the 63rd minute when captain Arijan Ademi put the guests in the lead. Then, the Bad Blue Boys’ celebration was marked by the song of the Ustasha regime. If Serbs can glorify the Chetnik regime, then everything is allowed for these guys.

Perhaps the situation seemed difficult for Gorica, but she did not give up. She scored a goal already in the 70th minute. Vujnović scores to tie the score. Although the result was equal, Dinamo still dominated. But in vain and without real reaction and realization.

How would Dinamo play normally and without drama? Of course, in the second minute of stoppage time, the aforementioned Ante Matej Jurić scored. I guess he specializes in demolishing the leading clubs of the HNL.

What is happening with Dinamo? They have the same problem this whole season. And they can’t play hot and cold and fight for the championship. They still need to defend that title and chase the Champions League.

ISTRA 1961 – RIJEKA 1:1 (Mlinar 49’/Janković 21′)
ISTRA 1961: Majkić, Hujber, Majstorović, Marešić, Devetak, Maurić (Čuić 67′), Mlinar, Blagojević (Bjorkander 80′), Kadušić (Lisica 80′), Filet (Fago 90′), Vuk (Douglas 90′)
RIJEKA: Labrović, Smolčić, Galesić, Mitrović, Goda, Selahi (Hodža 80′), Pašalić (Yansane 66′), Fruk (Bogojević 87′), Janković, Pjaca (Banda 67′), Ivanović (Obregon 80′)

Rijeka was a big favorite against Istria in 1961. The hosts managed to stop the visitors from Kvarner. The first half belonged to the guests and the leader, and the second half belonged to the hosts. It was a logical sequence of the game because Rijeka stopped playing after the first half.

The first half was marked by Rijeka’s pressing. In the 21st minute, the guests took the lead through Nike Janković. Rijeka continued with its game and continued to create opportunities. Regardless of the opportunities created, Rijeka failed to score and realize a few more opportunities.

In the continuation of the match, Istra 1961 entered as a different club. Already in the 49th minute, Frano Mlinar scored and tied the score. In the rest of the game, the hosts created more chances than the guests. If we are realistic, this is the fairest result.

HAJDUK – OSIJEK 0:2 (Brlek 46., Lucic 75.-ag)
HAJDUK: Lučić – Sigur, Šarlija (Livaja 57′), Elez (Diallo 65′), Melnjak – Pukštas, Žaper (Mikanović 70′) – Benrahou, Krovinović, Sahiti – Trajkovski (Dajaku 65′).
OSIJEK: Malenica – Manev, Bralić, Duarte – Gržan, Nejašmić, Brlek (Mkrtčjan 61′), Omerović (Fiolić 77′) – Caktaš (Jugović 46′), Pušić (Lovrić 46′) – Mierez (from 87. Drambajev)

Hajduk is in crisis, and they can only thank Dinamo and Rijeka for their failures. This left Hajduk in second place, even though Dinamo has a game less than the leading duo. This was the fourth defeat in the last six games. Osijek won in Split after more than two years.

The first half was very poor. Osijek defended, and Hajduk attacked. But in the end there were no goals because the score at halftime was 0:0. However, already in the first minute of the second half, Petar Brlek scored to give the guests the lead. The goal was scored only after 20 seconds.

In the 75th minute, Osijek had 2:0. The ball bounced from Lučić into the goal and Osijek was able to bring the game to a peaceful end. In the 85th minute, Lovrić could have increased Osijek’s lead with a free kick, but Lučić was ready.

The fiasco of the leading three of the championship, which was joined by Gorica. Maybe Gorica will become a giant from the suburbs. However, HNL obviously has its own problems, and we will talk about that in another article.

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