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And the second victory was achieved by RK Nexe handball players in Group D of the EHF European League

RK Nexe played against Portuguese Braga in the second round. The Croats won 38-28, and at halftime there was already a nine-goal difference. The scorers of the Croatian runners-up were led by Vejin and Moslovac with six goals, while Jotić, Štrlek and Tomić added five goals each. Dominik Kuzmanović made 11 saves. For the Portuguese, the best scorer was Joao Rafael Peixxoto with six goals.

The match started normally, goal for goal. But the first serious separation of the hosts happened between the 4th and 12th minutes when they made a 6:0 run. As the half drew to a close, RK Nexe increased the difference. But the visitors still managed to maintain a single-digit deficit.

Throughout the second half, Braga maintained a single-digit deficit, and the closest they came to the hosts was when they were seven goals behind. RK Nexe managed to reach a round ten goal difference and made the final score 38-28.

In the second match of group D, Denmark’s Skjern beat Slovakia’s Povatska Bystrica with a 20-goal difference, and the result was 42:22. RK Nexe is the leader with maximum performance and four points, while Skjern and Braga have two points each. Povazska Bystrica is the last without points. In the next round, RK Nexe plays against the Slovakian team, nominally the weakest team in the group.

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