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Tomorrow in KC Dražen Petrović, KK Cibona, and KK Dinamo will play in the ninth round a match to confirm second place and advantage for the continuation of the season

It is not unknown that Croatian basketball has been in a big decline for the past twenty years, but the question is whether it can return to its old glory. Investments in Croatian basketball clubs are weak. In other words, all clubs are developing poorly and their youth departments have a problem when they need to send young players to the first team. Most of the young players have already agreed to cooperate with clubs outside Croatia. Because the world’s basketball superpowers don’t miss an opportunity.

Croatia has not been famous for this issue. Why? Because that is the mindset of the Croatian people. Where and how something can be done beyond all logic is something that adorns the Croatian people. This led Croatian basketball to collapse and it is difficult to return to the old state of affairs. The Croatian national basketball team is reduced to the fact that it has to play pre-qualifications for the main qualifications for a bigger tournament like the Olympic Games or the World Cup. The good thing is that they haven’t screwed it up. In other words, at least they walked through the prequalifications. And that is a sign that the Croatian national basketball team has not reached rock bottom.

Furthermore, Croatian basketball clubs are in great trouble. In what way? KK Cibona is forever in debt. So, this season, she barely put together a team for all competitions, because the main players have moved on in their careers. Or they are waiting for arrears of wages. The way the club is run, it’s good that they still exist. According to the giants of Croatian basketball, KK Cibona was stolen. Because the hall and the place where they play their home matches were taken away from them. How much has it been stolen? We know that politics is merciless and that there is always something behind it. The hall may have been taken away on purpose. But if you have a debt to the city that you have to repay, then don’t be surprised if something is taken from you. In order to play a game, you have to have someone on the other side. And KK Cibona couldn’t manage it.

The other clubs are not in a better position. KK Zadar and KK Split, also giants of Croatian basketball, know how to be late with the payment of salaries to players. In addition, they have a hard time finding sponsors who will finance their playing at the highest level of Croatian basketball. And especially if you play on several fronts, such as playing in the Croatian league in the ABA league or the Alpe Adria Cup. Results are missing, that is, there are none. Anyway, what Croatia once had is gone. The basketball schools within the clubs are gradually rescheduled. It’s like there’s no future. And the world rests on young people and they need to easily push themselves into the first team. Of course, don’t force them to play in the first team when they reach the age of 15, but gradually. You need to push them with a plan and give them support.


KK Cibona and KK Dinamo will play tomorrow in KC Dražen Petrović. Even during the summer, before the start of the season, KK Dinamo brought in a new coach. He brought the former coach of KK Cibona, that is, the current coach of the Croatian basketball team – Josip Sesar. Also, KK Dinamo strengthened itself in several positions and expanded its pool to compete in the Croatian Premier League and the Alpe Adria Cup. On the other hand, KK Cibona did not manage to bring in reinforcements, instead, they strengthened themselves with younger players. That seems good for now, but only if we look at the Croatian league, while they are not doing well in the international league, regardless of the last games in the ABA league.

This season, KK Dinamo only lost to KK Split, and KK Cibona had a home defeat inflicted on them by KK Zadar at the very beginning of the season. What can we expect from the game? KK Dinamo has managed well in the top tier of Croatian basketball, and KK Cibona is successfully fighting the situation in which it is. Let’s mention how in the last game of the ABA league, KK Cibona burst out and achieved the sixth victory in a row, but that is not a guarantee for victory. Maybe with that match, KK Cibona got tired and lost strength for the upcoming league match. Both teams are playing international matches, but they have no results. KK Cibona has a continuity of international matches, and for KK Dinamo this is the first season in European competitions. The next few seasons will show how much KK Dinamo will progress in the game and business world. And let KK Cibona find its way as soon as possible and solve the problems that are standing in its way as a player and in business.

However, maybe a slight advantage goes to KK Dinamo, but the game should be allowed to play out. Because then everything will be clearer and how these two clubs stand in terms of the game. KK Dinamo has a good team, and KK Cibona has a young team, which can be a guarantee for a good match. Let’s hope that the match will be played in a fair atmosphere and that the better team will win and get two valuable points to confirm second place.

Let’s mention how good it is that Croatian basketball has KK Dinamo, regardless of the size of the KK CIbona brand and the history it has. Maybe matches like this, but those against KK Zadar, KK Split, and KK Šibenik attract as many spectators to the matches as possible. You don’t live from history, but you can help make it better. Unfortunately, this is not the case with KK Cibona. The club is sinking deeper and deeper and has to be saved every year. If only we had strong clubs that could play at the highest level. This requires a plan that will enable us to have better matches. If KK Cibona had a plan for further development, then these kinds of matches would be very interesting.

Good luck to all the clubs, and let the better team win in this game. The match starts at 6 pm, and you can buy tickets at the hall’s box office before the match.

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