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A dream start for Dinamo in the first quarterfinal test against Torcida. Dinamo won with a big 6:1 on the wings of the triple scorer Kristian Čekol and the heated atmosphere in the Dom sportova.

FUTSAL DINAMO – MNK TORCIDA 6:1 (Čekol 2′, 27′, 33′, Perić 4′, 30′, T. Novak 8’/Tešija 12′)
Futsal Dinamo: Ante Piplica, Ivan Pavlić, Nikola Gudasić, Luka Perić, Antonio Konsuo, Mateo Muzar, Tihomir Novak, Kristian Čekol, Toni Vučković, Danijel Dekanić, Neven Zonjić, Marko Miletić, Filip Novak, Mihovil Prgomet, Kristijan Postružin
Torcida: Josip Bilandžić, Antonio Repić, Mijo Mišerda, Milan Družijanić, Antonio Asanović, Duje Kulušić, Karlo Sirovica, Toni Legčević, Ante Kovačević, Luka Tešija, Luka Grubišić, Krešimir Palada, Darko Bikić, Ante Silić

The first half started just the way every Dinamo fan would want. Kristian Čekol only needed two minutes to throw the hall into a trance. He excellently intercepted the ball in the away half and lobbed the helpless Torcida goalkeeper Josip Bilandžić for a 1:0 lead.

The aggressive tempo of the Blues continued and we saw the goal again in the 4th minute. Luka Perić found himself on the ball, turning phenomenally and scoring even better for the big opening 2:0. A minute later, we witnessed a great “slalom” by Nikola Gudasić, but unfortunately, he was left without the ball in front of the goal.

The first chance of the visitors from Split was recorded in the 6th minute when Ante Kovačević came out in front of Piplica, but the Blues’ goalkeeper remained focused and deflected the ball out without any problems. On the other hand, after a free kick, Tihomir Novak shoots at the goal, Kristian Čekol found himself on the rebound, but his ball went wide.

Dynamo did not let off the gas, which resulted in the third goal. In front of the guests’ goal, Luka Perić complicated things, and this time Tihomir Novak was among the scorers. In the 11th minute, the visitors tried to threaten the Blues’ goal, and Kovačević once again found himself in the opportunity. This time, the goalpost saved Piplica. After that, Torcida introduced a player goalkeeper at a relatively early stage of the game, and that way of playing quickly paid off for them. Luka Tešija scored a goal to reduce the difference between Split.

By the end of the half, we saw two great saves by Ante Pipilica, another Torcida post, and an attempt to replay the first goal, but Čekol was not precise this time.

The second half started a bit calmer, and Torcida had the first opportunities. In the 24th minute, we saw a lob attempt again. Luka Perić found himself in a promising situation, but without success. Two minutes later, Luka Grubišić had a great opportunity. Piplica remained calm and registered another defense.

Immediately after the attack, another celebration followed in the stands. Perić did a large part of the work in the away half and shot on goal. His bounced ball reaches Čekol, who calmly scores another goal.

After great credit for the Blues’ fourth goal, Perić crowned himself with another excellent goal. This time, the reverse combination. Čekol kicks the ball out of his half and passes Perić precisely. The blue nine tricked its keeper for a high 5:1 on the scoreboard.

But the story was not over there either. After five pieces, the sixth one arrived as well. His best game of the season so far was crowned by Čekol, who went down the right side and scored his hat-trick.

Finally, we can highlight Neven Zonjić’s attractive volley attempt on the one hand and Ante Silić’s free kick on the other hand.

The scoreboard reads 6:1 for the advantage of Dinamo in the first quarter-final test. The boys did a great job in the first match and stepped into the semifinals with one foot. Now let’s go to Split to finish the job!

The second leg will be played on March 28 in Split, and the potential master’s match, which we hope will not be reached, on April 2 in Zagreb. Let’s go for the semifinal!

SOURCE: Futsal Dinamo

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