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The best Croatian female boxer is once again the world champion and for the third time

In the full hall of KC Dražen Petrović in Zagreb, Ivana Habazin defeated the Hungarian boxer Kinga Maygar by a unanimous decision and thus won the title of world champion according to the WBC version, but she also won the interim belt of the world champion WBA version. So on Saturday evening, she left the hall with two big belts, and they went to Habazin for the welterweight category.

Ivana Habazin became the world champion for the first time in 2014 according to the IBF version, and the second time in 2018 according to the IBO version, while last night she won the world throne for the third time.

In my life I had no major problems, no major fear, but I prayed to God and I succeeded. God is my power. I believe it could have been better in the last rounds. The most important thing is that I won, and this WBC belt is the most prestigious, something I’ve been waiting for for what seems like a whole century. I would still like the WBO title, but now I’m going to rest first and eat well.

Ivana Habazin

From the very beginning of the match, it was an exciting fight. Both boxers started very violently, and there were no tactics. Habazin should not have been in a hurry, and it was clear that she was a much superior fighter technically. It was very obvious that she was able to land more clean shots, and Maygar was not at the mercy of the Croatian boxer. The Hungarian fighter did not have the right answer. That’s why she kept her head down and exposed the back of her head to blows. That’s why the judges warned her several times. After the first five rounds, Habazin was in a big advantage.

The Hungarian fighter somehow managed to wake up in the second five rounds and began to resist. With this, she managed to take three rounds on her side. But not enough to turn the match around. This happened thanks to the fact that near the end of the match, Habazin picked up her fight rhythm. That’s how Ivana Habazin managed to become world champion for the third time.

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