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Croatia opened the second round of the tournament with France

CROATIA – FRANCE 32:34 (18:18)
CROATIA: Mandić, Klarica, Cindrić, Srna, Šoštarić, Načinović, Jelinić, Kuzmanović, Mihić, Glavaš, Šipić, Kušan, Lučin, Mamić, Karačić, Maraš
FRANCE: Desbonnet, Mem, Mahe, Prandi, Porte, Fabregas, Descat, Bellahcene, Nahi, Lenne, Tournat, N. Karabatić, L. Karabatić, Konan, Remili, Richardson

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Croatia lost against France. The reason for this is the lack of seriousness in Croatia’s game, but also due to some referees’ decisions, especially when the game was breaking down. Isn’t it time for changes in handball? What kind of earnings do you get when you direct championships in this way? But it does not matter. Croatia has a theoretical chance of passing, but it has no chance of going further.

Croatia started the first half well. The lead was 4:2 with two shutouts from the French. Croatia held the two points for a while, but then mistakes started and France came back and turned the result around. Then it started to be played goal for goal. Although Croatia was two goals behind, the score was 18:18 at the break. That result is the result of an increase in concentration in defense.

The second half did not begin well for Croatia. France went to a two-goal difference and somehow maintained that difference, of course, mostly by mistakes that Croatia made. But Kuzmanović keeps Croatia close to France as he has collected several saves.

However, Croatia did not hold out and in the middle of the second half, France broke away with a four-goal difference. Of course, mostly due to the mistakes of Croatia. In that tracksuit, Croatia played too frivolously and amateurishly, given that they are playing in the European Championship. Croatia returned to one goal behind but was again frivolous and lost two balls for France’s three-goal lead. In the end, France won by 34:32.

Maybe the European title goes to Africa!

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