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RK Zagreb played another good game in the EHF Champions League, although they lost

SZEGED – ZAGREB 27:26 (13:15)
PICK SZEGED: Imsgard (1), Mikler (4); Stepančić 4, Bodo 1, Martins 4, Jelinić, Gaber 3, Šoštarić 2, Frimmel 2, Banhidi 1, Kalaraš, Molina, Garciandia 4, Bombač 3, Mačkovšek, Szilagyi. Coach Krisztian Karpati
ZAGREB: Mandić (9), Panjtar: Kos 5, Ćavar, Walczak 3, Faljić, Klarica 4, Gojun 1, Klis, Sirotić 1, Čupić 2, Dibirov 4 (4), Kavčić 3, Glavaš 1, Morales 2, Suholežnik. Coach Nenad Šoštarić

RK Zagreb unfortunately lost the match in Szeged. He deserved much more. But it’s a sport. The hosts took advantage of their opportunity and two points remain in Hungary. The reason for this is that RK Zagreb was short in the end, and the hosts were pushed a bit by the referees who refereed the match.

For the first time, RK Zagreb was not complete, that is, Zvonimir Srna was missing. In front of RK Zagreb was a traditional opponent – the Hungarian runner-up PICK Szeged. RK Zagreb brought five points to this match, and PICK Szeged three points. In the new PICK Arena, which was built for the needs of EURO 2022, RK Zagreb did not meet hell.

Of course, the hosts opened the match better and PICK SZeged led 3:0. However, after the first goal in the 6th minute of the match, RK Zagreb wakes up and starts creating opportunities and scoring goals. This approach of RK Zagreb leads to an advantage at halftime. Apart from the start, the guests can be satisfied with the rest of the first half.

RK Zagreb started the second period with 2:0 and took the result to plus four. In the second half, the referees made some concessions to the hosts, but the guests did not give up. Over time, the game gained a rhythm, and this can be a problem for the teams. Fatigue was visible, and in the 52nd minute of the match, PICK Szeged had the first lead, and the match was tied.

At the very end of the game, RK Zagreb is left without Gojun in defense, and Mandić saves a shot for the hosts. However, RK Zagreb has the ball, and Klis made a mistake in passing, Morales reacts quickly and gives the ball in return. The points remained in Hungary.

When you lose a game, the mood can’t be good. RK Zagreb has no reason to bow its head. He can hold his head high. Considering last year’s editions of RK Zagreb in the EHF Champions League, this season is very good. They look good against both Paris SG and PICK.

If they continue to work like this on the team and tactics, RK Zagreb can improve in the coming seasons and create some sort of result. Let time show that a result can be created.

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